Welcome to Pofo MultiQuiz!

This quiz was created by the cumulative effort of members of Pofo (short for

Here is how you take the quiz.

1. In the right upper corner of the screen click the "create account" link. Create an account with your Pofo user name.
2. Sign in with your user name (right-upper corner).
3. At the bottom of this page there is a big link that says "start the quiz". Open it in a new window.
4. You will be directed to the first page of the quiz. In that page find in the lowest right corner the "edit" button. Click on it.
5. You can see that the content of the page includes several measures like "Utilitarianism", "Humanitarianism" and others. There are 3 statements for each measure. Answer them according to the following options:

Strongly agree: 2 points
Agree: 1 points
Neutral: 0 points
Disagree: -1 points
Strongly disagree: -2 points

6. Sum the points for each measure, you should get a score in the range of -6 to 6.
7. Beneath every measure there is a table of people who already took the quiz. Each row in the table represents a score (between -6 and 6). Add your name to the correct row according to your score.
8. After you finish with all the measures in the first page, click the "save" button.
9. Move to the next page.


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