Laissez-faire market

  • Minimum wage and worker unions are usually bad for the economy.
  • Antitrust cases against monopolies should be minimal.
  • Ideally the economy should be free from government regulations.


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6 Eran_Y
5 lucky
3 Melodramatic
1 Dr House, Alf_Dot_Net, Rancid, Sephardi
0 Fig lio, Fin Nat, Jansom
-1 C_M, Bonesawer
-2 Doom hammer, Preston Cole, Beirut, Gravy, JohnRawls, nucklepunche
-3 Thunder hawk, Oxymoron, Alpha0S
-4 Bass hole, Section Leader
-5 telluro, Jordan 9, Fasces , W01f, post-something, Fraqtive42
-6 Red Brigade, Plaro, Quantum, Carletonian, SomeRandom, Igor, Mazhi, ingliz, kalelovil, Le Rouge

Market interventionist

Government size

  • Taxes should be small, no more than 30% of income.
  • To reduce costs, social services should be privatized.
  • Banks, telecommunication companies, the post office, railways, gas and oil companies and other government businesses should be privatized.


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6 eugenekop, lucky, Eran_Y
5 Gravy, Bonesawer
4 Doomhammer,Beirut , Oxymoron, Jansom
3 Alf_Dot_Net, Melodramatic, Sephardi
2 JohnRawls
1 Rancid
0 Dr House, Figlio
-2 Thunderhawk, ingliz, Alpha0S
-3 Cartertonian, FinNat, Fraqtive42
-4 Fasces, Plaro, W01f, post-something, nucklepunche
-5 telluro, Basshole, Jordan9,JohnRawls
-6 Red Brigade, Quantum, SomeRandom, Igor, Mazhi, C_M, Preston Cole, kalelovil, Le Rouge, Section Leader



  • Multi-national corporations exploit foreign labor and the resources of third world countries.
  • Americanization and westernization of local cultures are among the negative effects of globalization.
  • Exporting jobs to third world countries causes a significant job loss in the west and damages western industries.


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6 Fasces, SomeRandom, W01f, Le Rouge, FinNat, Fraqtive42
5 kalelovil
4 Section Leader, Sephardi
3 post-something, Alpha0S
2 Figlio, Jordan9, Oxymoron, Gravy, JohnRawls, Dr House, nucklepunche
1 Jansom
0 Rancid, Bonesawer
-1 Beirut
-2 telluro, ingliz
-5 eugenekop, lucky
-6 Eran_Y



  • "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" is fundamentally a good idea.
  • The conflicts in the society are best described by class struggles.
  • A proletarian revolution can be feasible, realistic and even desirable.


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6 Red Brigade,SomeRandom, Igor, C_M, ingliz
5 Mazhi, Melodramatic, kalelovil
4 Quantum, Cartertonian
3 Beirut, Le Rouge
2 W01f, post-something, nucklepunche
1 Thunderhawk, Jordan9, Jansom, Bonesawer
0 telluro, Plaro,Basshole, Alf_Dot_Net, Doomhammer
-1 Oxymoron
-2 Fraqtive42
-3 Dr House, Gravy, Alpha0S
-4 Fasces
-5 Rancid, FinNat
-6 eugenekop, Preston Cole, Figlio, JohnRawls, lucky, Section Leader, Eran_Y, Sephardi


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