- I care a lot more for my people than for people from other nations. +1
- I am proud of my nation and its people. +1
- The interests of my country are the absolute top priority +1
Total: 3
Result: Internationalist, Patriot

- My nation should be defined by nationality and ethnicity more than by liberal values. +1
- I do not favor multiculturalism. -1
- Immigrants should be integrated into the culture of the host country. -2
Result: Multicultural, Ethnocentric

- In internal matters, the "common good" sometimes needs sacrifices. +1
- Efficiency in society is usually more important than compassion. +2
- The moral worth of an action is best determined by its utility in providing happiness or pleasure as summed among all sentient beings. +2
Total: 5
Result: Moralist, Utilitarian

Free market
- Minimum wage and worker unions are usually bad for the economy. +1
- Non natural monopolies should be allowed to operate freely. +1
- The economy should be almost completely free from government regulations. +2
Total: 4
Result: Market interventionist, Neoliberal

Government size
- Taxes should be small, no more than 30% +2.
- The government should not be responsible for providing high education, health care, and unemployment programs. +1
- Banks, telecommunication companies, the post office, railways, gas and oil companies and other government businesses should be privatized. +2
Total: 5
Result: Statist, Minarchist

- The people don't know what is good for them. +2
- If the values in which I believe were prevalent everywhere humanity would have benefited immensely. +2
- The values I believe in should be spread in other countries. 0
Total: 4
Result: Diversitarianist, Evangelist

- It is useful for a country to apply political and economical pressure on other countries to promote its interests. 0
- Temporary occupation of other countries is sometimes useful. -1
- When county A hurts the interests of country B, country B should retaliate. +1
Result: Dove, Hawk

- Equality of opportunities is absolutely crucial. +1
- We should strive for social equality between all classes, genders and nations. -1
- Affirmative action is a useful tool. -2
Result: Non egalitarian, Egalitarian

- Society comes before the individual. -1
- In criminal justice, punishment should be more important than rehabilitation. -1
- Authority, hierarchy, order and discipline are the building blocks of society. -1
Total: -3
Result: Liberal, Authoritarian

- Materialism and empiricism don't explain everything.-2
- The world is being sometimes changed by the direct intervention of God. -2
- It is positive that the leaders of my country draw from religion in the formation of policy. -2
Total: -6
Result: Materialist, Religious

- I strongly believe in family values. -2
- Tradition is an important part of my life. -2
- The state should be at least partially responsible in improving the morality of the citizens. -2
Total: -6
Result: Modernist, Traditionalist

- Democracy is beyond any doubt the best regime available. +2
- It is better to have a bad democratic leader than a good leader who bends democracy. -1
- I trust the people.-1
Total: 0
Result: Oligarch, Democrat

- Lobbying, nepotism and patronage are all kinds of corruption. +2
- It is better to have an inefficient leader with integrity, than an efficient corrupted leader. +1
- It is extremely difficult to live in a country with high corruption. +1
Result: Corruptible, Incorruptible

- Everything in politics consists of interests. -1
- I believe in several non mainstream (conspiracy) theories. -1
- If politicians could kill people or steal money without getting caught, they would do it. +1
Result: Non cynical, Cynical

- Western culture is superior. +2
- Western colonialism has brought more benefits than misfortunes to the rest of the world. +1
- International politics are best viewed as a conflict between the west and the rest of the world. +1
Total: 4
Result: Not Pro-Western, Pro-Western

- Humanistic studies are vital to society.-1
- The government should rely heavily on intellectuals to make decisions.-1
- Populism can be dangerous.+2
Result: Populist, Intellectualist

- Multi-national corporations exploit the working class and the resources of third world countries.-2
- The rich make profit at the expense of the poor.-2
- The conflicts in the society are best described by class struggles.-2
Result: Anti-Marxist, Marxist

- I completely support stem cell and genetics engineering research.+2
- I support a greater funding and involvement in the space program.-1
- Social norms, technology, values, everything will be completely different in the future.+2
Result: Conservative, Progressive

Local government
- It is crucial for a large country with diverse population to have a system of powerful states or provinces. +2
- The U.N, European Union and other international organizations have too much power. +2
- Municipalities and communities should have more power and independence. +2
Result: Centralist, Localist

- The developed countries are not doing enough to preserve clean air, water, forest, and wildlife for future generations. -2
- We MUST fund alternative energy sources, and the sooner the better. -1
- Global warming must be fought with immediate urgency. -1
Total: -4
Result: Environmental skeptic, Environmentalist

General principles: Utilitarian(5), Non Humanitarian(3), Liberal(3), Anti-Statist(5)
Nationalism: Patriot(3), Pro-Western(5)
Society: Localist(6), Environmentalist skeptic(4), Incorruptible(4), Parents' rights advocate(3)
Economics: Libertarian(4), Anti-Marxist(6), Anti-Statist(6)
Tradition: Materialist(6), Modernist(6), Progressive(3)
Personal beliefs: Populist(4)