• Anarchism, liberalism, communism, marxism, traditionalism indexes?
  • Education and health measures
  • Personal indexes are possible, that is "how eugenekop are you"? or how "igor" are you?
  • Automatic placing of people in indexes
  • Standard polling with clicking on answers


  • Melo: Sir Eugene, while the level of flexibility of this format is impressive, one can already see a problem with the storing of user info. Perhaps it is preferable if you keep it in the personal pages?
  • Carter: Yes, Eugene, you have correctly identified the difficulty I have with all these polls. As I pointed out in your main thread, how can I be a Humanist Hawk, a Progressive Traditionalist or a Liberal Statist? This latter point, particularly, intrigues me. I passionately oppose authoritarianism, yet I am by my own admission an avocate of the State. That is because I look to a nurturing and supportive State that enables people, rather than a proscriptive and didactic State, that controls people. Yet there is no measure on these sorts of quizzes that adequately reflects that apparent dichotomy.
  • Preston Cole: Yes, I've created an account with my forum username and activated it, but I still get the permission error. It must be something related to the permission settings because I can edit pages on other Wikidot sites. I think it's either my profile settings or the site's permission settings. I'll look into my profile. Ah, nevermind. I had to press the Join This Site button at the top. All fixed.
  • Melo - direct action/revolution measure
  • Cheesecake_Marmalade: The only thing I felt myself wondering, as someone who does not necessarily take a moral viewpoint to policy, is whether or not I should consider the statements within the context of Western Democracy, or within my own political thought. Some statements I would agree with, were I a head of state, but would not agree with, were I just thinking of how a given blank slate state should be run. Also, within the context of certain countries, introducing a new political belief would be an aggregate negative, even if it was a good one.