General Principles


  • There are no absolute values, morality or truth.
  • The moral worth of an action is best determined by its utility in providing happiness or pleasure as summed among all sentient beings.
  • The measure of a successful society is its ability to create a happy population, not in maintaining a particular order or respecting particular rights.


Score People
5 eugenekop, Doomhammer, Oxymoron
4 lucky, post-something, Bonesawer
3 Preston Cole, Thunderhawk, JohnRawls, Rancid, Section Leader, Alpha0S, Sephardi
2 Dr House, Igor
1 Plaro, Basshole, Fasces, Fraqtive42
0 Quantum, Beirut, Cartertonian, Figlio, kalelovil
-1 C_M, Gravy, nucklepunche
-2 telluro, Red Brigade, Melodramatic, ingliz, Le Rouge
-3 SomeRandom, Alf_Dot_Net, Mazhi, W01f, FinNat
-4 Jansom
-5 Eran_Y
-6 Jordan9



  • It is important to me that human rights everywhere are being respected.
  • Generally speaking, the individual is at the centre of the world, not god, family or society.
  • Compassion in society is more important than efficiency.


Score People
5 Melodramatic, Jansom
4 Mazhi, Rancid, kalelovil
3 telluro, Cartertonian, Jordan9
2 Red Brigade, SomeRandom, Oxymoron, JohnRawls, post-something, Eran_Y, nucklepunche
1 Beirut, Le Rouge, Sephardi
0 Bonesawer
-2 Quantum, Doomhammer, Thunderhawk, ingliz, Fasces, lucky
-3 eugenekop, Dr House, W01f, Fraqtive42
-4 Plaro, C_M, Gravy
-5 Preston Cole, Section Leader
-6 Igor, Figlio, FinNat, Alpha0S

Non humanitarian


  • Equality of opportunities is absolutely crucial.
  • We should strive for social equality between all classes, genders and nations.
  • Affirmative action is a useful tool.


Score People
6 Red Brigade, Mazhi, Gravy, kalelovil
5 Beirut, Le Rouge
4 Quantum, Igor
3 Melodramatic, SomeRandom, Alf_Dot_Net, Thunderhawk, Jordan9, post-something
2 telluro, Rancid, Bonesawer
1 Cartertonian, Doomhammer, Fasces, W01f, nucklepunche
0 ingliz, Oxymoron, JohnRawls, Jansom
-1 Fraqtive42
-2 Basshole, C_M
-3 eugenekop, FinNat
-4 Plaro, Section Leader
-5 Dr House, Preston Cole, Figlio, lucky, Alpha0S, Sephardi
-6 Eran_Y

Non egalitarian


  • The people don't know what is good for them.
  • Among the responsibilities of the state is to educate the population.
  • The values I believe in should be spread in other countries.


Score People
6 Doomhammer
5 Figlio, Bonesawer
4 Beirut, SomeRandom, Mazhi, Gravy, Le Rouge, FinNat, Alpha0S
3 Quantum, Cartertonian, Dr House, Alf_Dot_Net, Jordan9
2 Red Brigade, Preston Cole, Section Leader
1 Melodramatic, C_M, Oxymoron, Fasces, post-something, kalelovil, Fraqtive42, Sephardi
0 eugenekop, Igor, Thunderhawk, Rancid, lucky
-1 Basshole,JohnRawls
-2 telluro, ingliz, W01f, Eran_Y, nucklepunche, Jansom
-3 Plaro



  • Society comes before the individual.
  • Authority, hierarchy, order and discipline are the building blocks of society.
  • In general I oppose the legalization of things such as euthanasia, gambling, drugs, or prostitution.


Score People
6 Preston Cole, Section Leader
5 Beirut, Dr House, FinNat
4 Plaro, Igor, Alpha0S
3 Figlio, Jordan9, Fasces
2 post-something, Fraqtive42
1 telluro, Quantum, Thunderhawk, JohnRawls
0 Doomhammer, C_M, kalelovil
-1 Basshole, W01f
-2 Red Brigade, SomeRandom, ingliz, lucky
-3 eugenekop, Cartertonian, Alf_Dot_Net, Rancid, Sephardi, Bonesawer
-4 Mazhi, Le Rouge
-5 Melodramatic, nucklepunche
-6 Oxymoron, Gravy, Eran_Y, Jansom



  • One of the responsibilities of the state is to provide basic necessities to the citizens such as food security, housing and an acceptable life standard.
  • The state should secure the citizens against the vagaries of life, such as unemployment, illness, accidents, old age, death of a parent for a minor, and such.
  • The state will do good to fight general society ills such as bad spending habits, alcohol abuse, gambling, racism and teenage pregnancy.


Score People
6 Red Brigade, Quantum, Igor, Mazhi, Preston Cole, SomeRandom, Fasces, kalelovil, Le Rouge, Section Leader, Alpha0S, Bonesawer
5 Plaro, Beirut, Gravy, post-something
4 Doomhammer, Cartertonian, Figlio, Dr House, W01f, Fraqtive42
3 Thunderhawk ,Oxymoron
2 C_M, nucklepunche
0 Jordan9, JohnRawls
-1 telluro, FinNat, Jansom
-2 ingliz, Rancid, Sephardi
-4 lucky
-5 eugenekop
-6 Melodramatic, Eran_Y


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