• I care a lot more for my people than for people from other nations.
  • I am proud of my nation and its people.
  • The interests of my country are the absolute top priority


Score People
6 Plaro, Preston Cole, Figlio, Section Leader, Sephardi
5 Fasces, FinNat
4 Jansom
3 eugenekop, Beirut, Basshole, Thunderhawk,Oxymoron, JohnRawls, Fraqtive42, Alpha0S
2 W01f
1 Dr House, C_M, Rancid
0 Cartertonian, SomeRandom, Bonesawer
-1 Jordan9
-2 Mazhi, ingliz, Gravy, post-something
-4 Red Brigade, Le Rouge, Quantum, kalelovil
-5 telluro, Doomhammer, lucky
-6 Alf_Dot_Net, Igor, Melodramatic, Eran_Y, nucklepunche



  • My nation should be defined by nationality and ethnicity more than by liberal values.
  • I do not favor multiculturalism.
  • Immigrants should be integrated into the culture of the host country.


Score People
6 Plaro,Dr House, Fasces, Section Leader, FinNat, Alpha0S
5 Preston Cole
4 Figlio, Fraqtive42, Sephardi
2 C_M, SomeRandom,Oxymoron
1 Basshole
0 telluro, ingliz, Jordan9, Rancid
-1 Cartertonian, Beirut, Thunderhawk,JohnRawls, Bonesawer
-2 eugenekop, Quantum, Doomhammer, W01f, post-something, Jansom
-3 Alf_Dot_Net, lucky
-4 kalelovil
-5 Red Brigade, Gravy
-6 Igor, Mazhi, Melodramatic, Le Rouge, Eran_Y, nucklepunche



  • It is useful for a country to apply political and economical pressure on other countries to promote its interests.
  • Temporary occupation of other countries is many times useful.
  • When country A hurts the interests of country B, it is very important that country B retaliates in order to maintain deterrence.


Score People
6 Figlio, FinNat, Alpha0S, Jansom
5 telluro, Dr House, Doomhammer,JohnRawls, post-something, Section Leader, Sephardi
4 Basshole, Preston Cole, Rancid, Bonesawer
3 Cartertonian, C_M, Thunderhawk, W01f, Fraqtive42
2 Beirut, ingliz ,Oxymoron
1 Plaro, Alf_Dot_Net, Fasces
0 Melodramatic
-1 eugenekop, Jordan9
-2 SomeRandom
-3 Quantum, Gravy, Le Rouge
-4 Red Brigade, lucky, kalelovil
-6 Igor, Mazhi, Eran_Y, nucklepunche



  • Western culture is superior.
  • Western colonialism has brought more benefits than misfortunes to the rest of the world.
  • The ancient Greeks have made the first and most important breakthrough on the path to enlightenment.
Score People
6 Doomhammer,JohnRawls, Eran_Y
5 eugenekop, Figlio, lucky, Sephardi
4 telluro, Basshole, Oxymoron, Fraqtive42
3 Cartertonian,Fasces, Alpha0S, Bonesawer
2 Alf_Dot_Net, FinNat
1 Thunderhawk, Rancid
0 Dr House, C_M, W01f
-1 Jansom
-2 Plaro, Beirut, Preston Cole, Melodramatic, ingliz, Jordan9, Section Leader
-3 SomeRandom, post-something, kalelovil
-4 Red Brigade, Quantum, Le Rouge
-6 Igor, Mazhi, Gravy, nucklepunche

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