Personal Beliefs


  • Everything in politics consists of interests.
  • I believe political conspiracies can occur.
  • If politicians could kill people or steal money without getting caught, they would do it.


Score People
6 Igor, Rancid, W01f, Eran_Y, nucklepunche, Alpha0S
5 telluro, Dr House, Beirut, Oxymoron, lucky, Jansom, Sephardi
4 SomeRandom
3 Quantum, Melodramatic, ingliz, Le Rouge, Section Leader
2 Basshole, Mazhi, Preston Cole,JohnRawls, kalelovil, Bonesawer
1 Doomhammer, Thunderhawk, FinNat, Fraqtive42
0 Figlio
-1 Red Brigade, C_M
-2 eugenekop, Plaro, Jordan9
-3 Cartertonian, Alf_Dot_Net
-4 Gravy,Fasces

Non cynical


  • Humanistic studies are vital to society.
  • The government should rely heavily on intellectuals to make decisions.
  • Populism is dangerous.


Score People
6 SomeRandom, Alf_Dot_Net, Doomhammer, Mazhi, FinNat, Bonesawer
5 Basshole, Melodramatic, Gravy, kalelovil, Fraqtive42
4 telluro, Plaro, Cartertonian, Beirut, Dr House, Igor, Thunderhawk,Fasces, Rancid, W01f, lucky, Alpha0S
3 C_M, Le Rouge
2 Quantum, ingliz, Jordan9
1 Sephardi
0 Red Brigade, Figlio, Oxymoron,JohnRawls, Jansom
-1 Eran_Y
-2 Preston Cole, Section Leader
-4 eugenekop, nucklepunche


Political correctness

  • I support the use of language idioms such as "African American" instead of "Black", "Firefighter" instead of "Fireman", and other idioms that are not offensive to minorities, women, old or disabled people.
  • I support sanctioning people who are being politically incorrect.
  • Sensitive scientific researches, for instance researches into race differences, should be minimized.

Politically correct

Score People
5 Beirut
4 Gravy
3 Quantum, kalelovil
2 Red Brigade, SomeRandom, Le Rouge
1 Doomhammer, Mazhi, ingliz
0 telluro, Plaro, Jordan9
-1 Thunderhawk
-2 Fasces
-3 C_M, Bonesawer
-4 eugenekop, Melodramatic, Cartertonian,JohnRawls, lucky
-5 Eran_Y, FinNat, Fraqtive42, Jansom
-6 Igor, Preston Cole, Figlio,Oxymoron, Dr House, Rancid, W01f, Section Leader, nucklepunche, Alpha0S, Sephardi

Politically incorrect

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