• Democracy is beyond any doubt the best regime available.
  • It is better to have a bad democratic leader than a good leader who bends democracy.
  • Despite the significant disadvantages of democracy in the form of political instability, vote buying, short-termism, and mob rule, Democracy is the best regime for all countries.


Score People
6 nucklepunche
4 Alf_Dot_Net, kalelovil
3 lucky, Jansom
2 Basshole, Doomhammer, Melodramatic,JohnRawls
1 Red Brigade, Le Rouge
0 eugenekop, Oxymoron
-1 Cartertonian, Jordan9, Sephardi, Bonesawer
-2 Plaro, ingliz
-3 Quantum, Rancid, post-something, Fraqtive42
-4 SomeRandom, C_M
-5 telluro, Mazhi, Thunderhawk, Fasces
-6 Beirut, Dr House, Igor, Preston Cole, Figlio, W01f, Section Leader, Eran_Y, FinNat, Alpha0S


Political ethics

  • The interference of corporations in politics in the form of lobbying or financing of political campaigns should be illegal.
  • It is better to have an inefficient leader with integrity, than an efficient corrupted leader.
  • Bribes, kickbacks and Cronyism are all inexcusable and should in most cases lead to years in prison.


Score People
6 telluro, Igor, Beirut, Le Rouge, nucklepunche, Fraqtive42, Jansom
5 Cartertonian, Mazhi, SomeRandom, Rancid, W01f, kalelovil
4 eugenekop, Red Brigade, Alf_Dot_Net, Figlio, Fasces, post-something, FinNat
3 Quantum, Thunderhawk, Oxymoron, Alpha0S
2 Plaro, Basshole, Doomhammer, C_M, Melodramatic, Bonesawer
1 lucky, Section Leader, Sephardi
0 Jordan9
-1 JohnRawls
-2 Preston Cole, ingliz, Eran_Y
-5 Dr House


Toughness on Crime

  • In criminal justice, punishment should be more important than rehabilitation.
  • There is not enough police on the streets.
  • I support capital punishment for the most serious crimes.

Tough on crime

Score People
6 Preston Cole, Section Leader, FinNat
5 telluro, Alpha0S
4 Beirut, Figlio, Dr House, lucky, Eran_Y
3 Melodramatic, Thunderhawk, nucklepunche, Fraqtive42
2 JohnRawls
1 Quantum, Fasces, Bonesawer
0 eugenekop, C_M, SomeRandom, Rancid, post-something, Sephardi
-1 Doomhammer, W01f
-2 ingliz, Jansom
-3 Cartertonian, Jordan9
-4 Red Brigade
-5 kalelovil
-6 Igor, Mazhi, Oxymoron, Le Rouge

Soft on crime

Local government

  • It is crucial for a large country with diverse population to have a system of powerful states or provinces.
  • The U.N, European Union and other international organizations have too much power.
  • Municipalities and communities should have more power and independence.


Score People
6 eugenekop, Basshole, lucky, Eran_Y, nucklepunche
5 Plaro, Jordan9,Oxymoron, Rancid, FinNat, Fraqtive42, Sephardi
4 Alf_Dot_Net, Doomhammer, Fasces, W01f, post-something
3 Dr House, SomeRandom, Figlio
2 C_M, JohnRawls, Jansom
1 Beirut, kalelovil
0 Le Rouge
-1 Red Brigade, Cartertonian, Melodramatic
-2 Mazhi, Preston Cole, Thunderhawk, ingliz, Section Leader
-3 Quantum
-4 Alpha0S, Bonesawer
-5 telluro
-6 Igor



  • The developed countries are not doing enough to preserve clean air, water, forest, and wildlife for future generations.
  • We MUST fund alternative energy sources, and the sooner the better.
  • Global warming must be fought with immediate urgency.


Score People
6 SomeRandom, Doomhammer, Igor, kalelovil, Le Rouge, Bonesawer
5 Red Brigade, Cartertonian
4 Fasces, Dr House, Figlio,JohnRawls, post-something, FinNat
3 Plaro, Basshole, Alf_Dot_Net, C_M, Melodramatic, Thunderhawk, Oxymoron, Fraqtive42
2 Quantum, Beirut, Mazhi, ingliz, JohnRawls, Rancid, W01f, nucklepunche, Alpha0S
1 Jordan9
0 lucky, Section Leader, Jansom
-2 Preston Cole, Sephardi
-4 eugenekop
-5 telluro
-6 Eran_Y


Animal rights

  • Animals should not be used for food, clothing, researches and entertainment.
  • Animals must be protected by the state.
  • The developed countries don't do enough to save endangered species.

Animals rights advocate

Score People
4 SomeRandom
3 Red Brigade, Doomhammer, Mazhi, Le Rouge, Bonesawer
2 ingliz
1 Cartertonian, kalelovil
0 Plaro, Igor, Melodramatic, Thunderhawk, JohnRawls, post-something, FinNat
-1 Quantum, Rancid, Jansom
-2 Beirut, W01f, Section Leader
-3 eugenekop, Preston Cole, Fraqtive42
-4 Jordan9, Fasces, lucky
-5 telluro, C_M,JohnRawls, Sephardi
-6 Figlio, Oxymoron, Eran_Y, nucklepunche, Alpha0S


Parent's rights

  • It is usually too easy for the state to take a child from his parents.
  • Children have to be disciplined. Too many parents forget that.
  • When children disrespect their parents they should be punished.

Parents' rights advocate

Score People
6 Igor
5 Oxymoron, Eran_Y, nucklepunche
4 telluro, Plaro, C_M, Figlio, Jordan9, JohnRawls, W01f, FinNat, Alpha0S
3 eugenekop, Thunderhawk, Fasces, Dr House, Section Leader, Sephardi
2 Doomhammer, Preston Cole, SomeRandom, Cartertonian, ingliz, lucky, post-something
1 Beirut, Rancid, Fraqtive42, Jansom
0 Quantum
-1 Red Brigade
-2 Mazhi, kalelovil
-4 Melodramatic
-5 Bonesawer
-6 Le Rouge

Children's rights advocate

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