• I completely support stem cell and genetics engineering research.
  • I support a greater funding and involvement in the space program.
  • Social norms, technology, values, everything will be completely different in the future.


Score People
6 Le Rouge, telluro, Quantum, Basshole, Doomhammer, Igor, Thunderhawk, Figlio, Alpha0S, Bonesawer
5 Cartertonian, Dr House, Mazhi, C_M, Gravy, Fasces, JohnRawls, W01f, Eran_Y, Fraqtive42
4 Red Brigade, Plaro, Alf_Dot_Net, Rancid, kalelovil, Jansom
3 eugenekop, Melodramatic, lucky, Section Leader, Sephardi
2 SomeRandom, ingliz
1 Beirut, Preston Cole, FinNat
0 Oxymoron
-1 nucklepunche
-5 Jordan9



  • I strongly believe in family values.
  • Tradition is an important part of my life.
  • The state should be at least partially responsible in maintaining the family values of the citizens.


Score People
6 Plaro, Figlio, FinNat
5 Cartertonian, Preston Cole, Gravy, Section Leader
3 Jordan9, Oxymoron,Fasces, Fraqtive42
2 Thunderhawk,JohnRawls, Sephardi
1 Dr House
0 Mazhi, SomeRandom, Rancid, nucklepunche, Alpha0S
-2 Beirut, C_M, ingliz, Eran_Y, Jansom
-3 Basshole, Alf_Dot_Net, W01f
-4 Le Rouge, Bonesawer
-5 telluro, Red Brigade, Quantum, Melodramatic, kalelovil
-6 eugenekop, Doomhammer, Igor, lucky



  • Materialism and empiricism don't explain everything.
  • The world is being sometimes changed by the direct intervention of God.
  • It is positive that the leaders of my country draw from religion in the formation of policy.


Score People
6 nucklepunche
3 Jordan9
2 Plaro
1 Cartertonian, Preston Cole
0 Oxymoron, Gravy, FinNat, Fraqtive42
-1 Section Leader
-2 Dr House, Figlio, lucky
-3 Quantum, SomeRandom, Melodramatic, Thunderhawk,Fasces, W01f
-4 Alf_Dot_Net, Rancid, Sephardi
-5 telluro, Beirut, C_M, JohnRawls, Le Rouge, Bonesawer
-6 eugenekop, Red Brigade, Basshole, Doomhammer, Igor, Mazhi, ingliz, kalelovil, Eran_Y, Alpha0S, Jansom


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